Rewards Programme
1. What is the Hubbard’s Rewards Programme?
  • The Hubbard’s Rewards Programme is designed to benefit customers. Points can be earned by shopping at Hubbard’s with your Hubbard’s Rewards card.
2. Who can participate in the Programme?
  • The Programme is designed for the participation of individuals. Businesses are not eligible.
3. How can I obtain a Hubbard’s Rewards card?
  • The card is available at most departments at the cost of $5.00.
  • Register online at
4. Where and how can I use my Hubbard’s Rewards card?
  • Hubbard’s Rewards cards must be presented to the Cashier and swiped at the point of sale at any Hubbard’s retail department (including Food Fair).
  • Hubbard’s Rewards cards are also accepted at Grenadian General Insurance Company Ltd.
5. How are points accumulated?
  • Every time your Hubbard’s Rewards card is swiped, points are earned at a rate of 1.5% on purchases of $10.00 or more excluding V.A.T.
  • At Grenadian General Insurance Company Ltd, points are earned at the rate of 1% on premiums paid in full. Each point is worth one cent.
6. How do I check my Hubbard’s Rewards points?
  • Visit our website at – Enter card number and last name or call our office - 440 2087.
7. When will I be entitled to a Hubbard’s Rewards voucher?
  • You will be entitled to a Hubbard’s Rewards voucher when your accumulated points total is 1,000 ($10.00) or more.
8. When do vouchers expire?
  • Hubbard’s Rewards vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Lost vouchers will not be replaced.
9. How often are vouchers issued?
  • Hubbard’s Rewards vouchers are issued every three months and will be sent to the last mailing address on file.
10. Where are vouchers redeemed?
  • Vouchers can be redeemed at all Hubbard’s departments (excluding Agency)
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed at Grenadian General Insurance Company Ltd.
11. Who can redeem points/vouchers?
  • Only the cardholder to whom a Hubbard’s Rewards Voucher is issued can redeem that voucher. The Hubbard’s Rewards card and picture identification must be presented when redeeming vouchers.
12. Can vouchers be redeemed for cash?
  • Hubbard’s Rewards vouchers cannot be converted to cash. Vouchers will be redeemed against purchases equal to or in excess of the value of the voucher. Where the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the voucher the difference must be paid by the cardholder.
13. Can the points earned on two or more cards be issued to one cardholder?
  • Yes, a husband or wife or all family members can each have individual Hubbard’s Rewards cards. However, all points earned can be issued to one cardholder on request
  • There is no charge for this feature